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Small Business Branding Process

Date: 28/ 03/ 2017
By: Antonia Lowther

Brand creation process for small business

Ever wonder how a brand is created. Here we give a quick overview of our brand process.

When you come to us for a new brand or a refresh, there's a process we follow to ensure that the right people are involved and that everyone is clear on what is going to happened.

These steps are summarised in our infographic above but essentially what we do is outlined below:

First we work with you to assess what your business is, what your business needs and your budget.  We then pick and choose elements from our process which will enable us to give you an outstanding brand.  Everything we do is fixed cost so there are no surprises.

Whether we are completing a complex brand refresh or a simple brand creation the essence is the same - we start by understanding you, your business, your customers, your market and your place in that market.

We then decide on strategy and a creative brief. Following this we start to produce initial concepts and ideas. Once an agreement is reached on a concept, the design work up is commenced which culminates in a variety of outputs, depending on your requirements, from logos to guidelines, stationary and more.  We get your feedback every step of the way.

The final step is the brand launch - not all clients need or want this step, but should you wish to unveil your new brand with a big bang, we can help with that too.

If you would like a bit more detail on our brand process please click the button to get access to a more detailed PDF on our process:

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