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May 2017 Update

Date: 01/ 06/ 2017
By: Antonia Lowther

Carbon Pixel web design company May 2017 update

We update you each month on what we've been doing, what impressed us and general ramblings.

Design by Dave

May began with a trip to Norway to meet and work with a client,  an online Norwegian Insurance company.  We have been busy rethinking their process for buying online to make it as easy as possible for customers to purchase insurance.  This involved a lot of discussions and sketches.

I have also been creating lots of marketing material for Carbon Pixel and researching how best to maximise our online presence.

On an ‘out of office’ note I have been making a small adventure game for one of my sons school projects on rainforests. 


Small Business by Antonia

In May we looked at accounting packages.  We narrowed it down to 3 - Freeagent (our current solution) Xero and Sage 50.  Coincidentally the Apple store in Plymouth had a session on Xero in partnership with Platinum Xero Partners, Bromhead Accountants, which really helped answer some of my questions.

Whilst they are all very good systems which we reviewed in detail with the obligatory spreadsheet, we’ve decided to stick with Freeagent.  Although the reporting side is not as good as we’d like and the auto enrolment integration is not great, the functions we use the most, Projects and Time recording, are built into the core product, making it the most cost effective for us.  In addition the bank account integration and general payroll functions, make keeping our accounts up to date and staff paid easy.

Who knew we’d stick with what we have, but it was good to review and reassess our systems just to make sure!


Dog Stuff by Dottie & Logan

We whippets also get our say! Thanks to Shane at K9Meals on Wheels, we are now eating the best quality food to keep us fit and healthy and hopefully less smelly - if you know what we mean!  That doesn’t stop us trying to chew anything else we can reach as we are dogs after all, but at least we are healthy destructors!

Interesting statistic: Percentage of walks in which Logan finds and rolls in something stinky - 100%


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