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Making your content shareable

Date: 06/ 03/ 2017
By: Antonia Lowther

Make your content shareable

If you have a library of great content on your website, but no sharing links, you may be missing a trick.

Someone reading your content wants a quick and easy way to share it.  Of course they can copy the URL and paste it - but this takes effort which we all know some internet users lack!  Also, you can’t track this.  By not making the sharing of your content easy you are limiting the potential reach.

On our website we have added tools to our Work and Blog pages, that allow a user to share our content to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.  The functionality on our Work pages sets an image and text of our choosing when the share is clicked.   Even if a user does copy/paste a URL instead, our set image and text will still be displayed.  We are then able to track the shares through the native applications to see where our content is going.  

If you would like help making your content shareable, please do not hesitate to get in touch