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June 2017 update

Date: 06/ 07/ 2017
By: Antonia Lowther

Carbon Pixel June 2017 Update

We update each you each on month on what we've been up to, what impressed us and general ramblings.

Design by Dave Moore

Last week I took on the Daily UI challenge from   Everyday I receive a  brief in my inbox that requires a new design that sometimes takes me out of my comfort zone which as a designer can only be a good thing. 

Below is the the day 2 challenge: an credit card payment process for an Apple watch:

Daily UI Challenge watch interface

Small Business by Antonia Lowther

In June, Shane and I looked at our CRM in a lot more detail than we had before.

We’ve been using Hubspot for over a year as our CRM. The CRM is free to use and Hubspot state it always will be.  The CRM holds all our prospect data - we're limited to 1,000,000 contacts so I think that’s fine for us, at the moment anyway!  It was very easy to set up and customise; keeping it up to date is just as easy.

Having used Salesforce extensively as a user and as an administrator, what we get at no cost from Hubspot is really, really good.

Key features we love:

  • Dashboard of key metrics
  • Central place to see all all lead information
  • Ability to configure additional fields for Contacts, Companies and Deals.
  • Integration with Google Mail and email activity tracking - this comes with the add on Hubspot Sales Free
  • Task list with reminders
  • Access for all the team
  • Great mobile app
  • Its free

Most recently, we’ve also started using Hubspot Marketing Free, initially, implementing the tracking code into our website.  When someone completes any of our website forms, their details are automatically added to our CRM and their activity on our website tracked for 7 days.

We could have used Hubspot’s own forms for lead capture if we had wanted, but we preferred to use our own to be consistent.

We’d thoroughly recommend these Hubspot products as a place to get started. Although these free versions have limitations, for a no cost CRM solution, you really can’t get much better.

Links to products we use:

Hubspot CRM

Hubspot Marketing

Hubspot Sales


Whippet Business by Dottie & Logan

We whippets have had a very exciting month of adventures. We had a grand day out at Royal Cornwall Show, we had a Whippet Tea Party at the beautiful Port Elliot Estate and we had our own special day at work for Bring Your Dogs to Work Day - although we go everyday, on this special day we got to sit in the chair, use the computer and had our photos taken.

Interesting statistic: Number of items Logan has chewed this month - TOO MANY, including

  • Fitbit device
  • All apples on low lying apple tree branches
  • 3rd iphone case
  • Brand new ski jacket
  • Father’s day card
  • At least 5 rolls of toilet roll
  • The vacuum cleaner filter
  • Other stuff under the sofa, still to be found
Tea Party.jpgDogs split image.jpg



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