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Is your small business website good enough?

Date: 06/ 06/ 2017
By: Antonia Lowther

Is your small business website good enough?

Does your website do what it’s supposed to for your business? We help you understand how to make your business website stand out from your competitors?

Its no good having a pretty website sitting there. Your website needs to meet your business goals whether that is to increase brand aware, increase leads or make sales. It needs to enable your small business to grow.

Does it meet these criteria:

Responsive - does your website work well on a mobile device?

Secure - is your website protected by SSL?

Speed - is your website quick to load and move around?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) - is your website built and maintained to take account of the most recent updates in SEO?

Usability - is your website clean, clear and easy to navigate?

Content - does your website have content pitched at the right audience?

Calls to action - does your website have the relevant calls to action to get to your audience?

Social media - does your website link to your social media accounts? Is your social media activity inline with your website goals?

These are just some of things to be considering to ensure your website works for your business and makes you stand out from you competitors.

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