Why we don't use Wordpress

12 Feb 2018

You may have heard about Wordpress, it's the most widely used system that allows content on...

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Does your business need a website redesign?

08 Feb 2018

Sometimes its really obvious that a website needs a redesign, sometimes it's not so obvious but...

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Welcome to Eli  & Robin

22 Jan 2018

We're delighted to share that at the end of last year we welcomed two new members to the team at...

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The value of great graphic design

18 Jan 2018

Graphic design as defined by Wikipedia as ".. the process of visual communication and...

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Frequently asked questions about websites

15 Jan 2018

Over the past year we've answered quite a few questions on websites and web design, here is a...

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What to consider when thinking about a new website

10 Jan 2018

So you want a new small business website and it needs to look great, needs to come top in search...

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Attention to detail in web design

10 Jan 2018

We put a huge emphasis on attention to detail and quality at Carbon Pixel. Our years of...

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FAQ: What is usability?

08 Jan 2018

In our series of frequently asked questions, we explore some of the terms you may hear in...

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Why a mobile friendly website is so important

02 Jan 2018

85% of UK adults own a smart phone(1) and 61% of the total minutes spent online in the UK are on...

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What to expect from a Carbon Pixel website

18 Dec 2017

Take a look at our inforgraphic to see what you can expect from  website built by Carbon Pixel....

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