Advantages of a social media marketing strategy

Date: 21 Mar 2018 By: Antonia Lowther Read time: 2 minute read

Advantages of a social media strategy

Creating a social media strategy takes time and effort, but it's worth it. Whether you create and implement your strategy yourself, or whether you have help or outsource, a strategy is a must. We explain why.

Proper planning prevents ....

The 5P's rings just as true with social media strategy planning as it does with all business planning. Planning out your approach to your social media allows you to set a direction and give a priority to your efforts. It's all too easy to let things slip when you get busy but referring back to a strategy and approach will help keep you on track.

Planning ahead also allows you to use automated scheduling systems to post your content out at a time when you may be busy but your audience is active. Scheduling your social media activity with these types of apps is great, but you need to strike a balance. Social media also requires you to be present in the moment, so your social media strategy needs to account for the time when you can just be active and respond in real time on matters that your audience and customers care about.

For example on Twitter there are business hours, where using a certain hashtag at a certain time you can engage with a group of like-minded individuals - mostly business to business rather than business to consumer primarily. These are good for growing awareness of your brand and seeing who else is out there. Planning these into your strategy, is a good idea as they are often out of business hours and easy to forget.

Some businesses clearly schedule posts for these tags at the relevant times, but when the rest of the businesses are engaging and responding instantly, it becomes very clear who is and isn't actually present.  

I've created a list of the hours mostly relevant to Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall that I know about on What are Twitter Hours? - if you know any others and would like me to add, please drop me a message.


Having a strategy allows you and those around you to take a consistent approach to your social media. Where there is more than one person working on your social media, referring back to strategy ensures that everyone posting and interacting is doing to in the same consistent style and tone for your business.

Even if it is just you posting, a strategy will help you be consistent and focused; it may prevent you from potentially following personal threads (liking cute cat videos) rather than those to grow your business, but it makes sure all activity is related to business growth.

continuous improvement

A strategy or plan gives you an approach against which you can measure results. Have your tweets increased your Twitter followers? Has a new customer said they've seen your Facebook posts? wsh When you Documenting your approach includes detailing how you will measure your success. This allows you then to determine what is and isn't working and evolve your strategy to focus on the areas that are seeing a return.

For more information on social media marketing check our post 10 Tips for your social media marketing.

You could also download our helpful guide to creating a social media strategy:

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